Do you have a Real Estate Listing on Zillow, Trulia, the MLS, or other online platform?  If you ever listed a property online, you understand how quiet a place the internet could be. An online placeholder without any traffic. As you sit there watching the competition, or as Zillow calls it, “similar listings”, receive more views, you wonder what you can do to improve your chances of finding an ideal tenant, or buyer.

I speak from first hand experience. I spent quite some time drafting the listing details, posted the right pictures that offered potential customers a good idea of the property, then waited and monitored my results. listingsDay5   Unfortunately after 5 days, my listing served up lower viewings than my competition across Zillow and Trulia.  Is it my pricing? Do I have a good enough description for potential tenants? After making one change, I went from being below the areas daily searches, to being triple the search rankings of similar listings.  What did I change? 

Before: Original Real Estate Listing Feature Image

Improve your Real Estate Listings

My original listing was presented with the image of the building.  Though the building is in great condition, this image doesn’t give the potential tenant any idea of how the property differentiates itself from the other listings in the area.  I realized this after reviewing my competitors.

What I did next attracted three times the views as my competition.

After: Improved Real Estate Listing Feature Image

Your first listing image is the first view to your property.  Just like a resume is an employer’s first impression of your skillset, this image will be the first impression a potential client has on your property.  With a little graphic design, I decided to add  some concise bullet points on the property, advertising the selling points in a quick one pager along with the availability date.

Let’s see how the first day of this listing went.

After spending 5 days with subpar listing views, my listing tripled in search results with this new photo!  The property received multiple inquiries the first day of the updated feature image with a signed lease shortly after.

latestactivity listings


Interested in improving your Real Estate Listing results?  Contact me to discuss creating a good feature image to attract new clients!.