Web Hosting Options

I currently do not offer Web Hosting, but I have recommended web hosting solutions based on your needs. Here are some areas consider when recommending a web hosting plan and hosting services.

  • Pricing: Website hosting doesn’t need to be costly. I expect a web hosting provider that offer the right price for the service.
  • Support: Fast and responsive technical support is important to ensure any issues outside of our control are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Resilience: I only work with reputable web hosting providers that maintain a 99.9% uptime.
  • Security: Will your site record or host sensitive information like customer, or business information? You need to review your needs and ensure the web hosting provider offers the security solutions you need.
  • Location: Most web hosting providers are west of the Mississippi River. Godaddy hosts their Servers in Arizona, and several others in Utah. The further away your server is hosted from your clients, the longer it takes for your webpage to load. Hosting your website close to home offers a reasonable speed benefit to those on the east coast.
  • Alternative Energy: US Data Centers consumed 91 billion kilowatt hours in 2013. Hosting your site in a green datacenter both allows you to demonstrate your consciousness of the environment and covers you in the event of power outages.


I have used Greengeeks for five years now and have had a great experience. They maintain one competitive pricing structure, support a multitude of software, offer a great level of support, and run on 100% green power. Their data center is located in Chicago and my testing indicates sites hosted on their servers have a faster response time to the Northeast than competitors hosting sites in remote areas.


Starting at $15/month, competitors can’t beat Dreamhost’s virtual private server plan. For $15/month, you receive a well resourced, private server of your own with enough resources to host large scale applications. While Dreamhost doesn’t use Green electricity, they purchase carbon credits to certify for a certificate of neutralization. Dreamhost has a data center in Virginia and have proven to have the low latency for Northeast clients.

Web Hosting